Staff Bios

Myron Ritrosky

Myron Ritrosky, Jr., LSP, is President and founder of Eco-Genesis Corp. He is an expert in hazardous materials management and PCBs in building materials, including the screening, testing and remediation of contaminated buildings, mold and indoor air quality, and waste site cleanup. He has served on the PCB/TSCA Subcommittee of the Environmental Business Council of New England for 5 years, and is a certified Massachusetts Asbestos Designer. He is a graduate of the University of New Hampshire in Durham, with a B.Sc. in Environmental Conservation and Water Resources.

Lawrence Mach

Lawrence F. Mach, LSP, is the Technical Manager at Eco-Genesis Corp. He is responsible for keeping the company informed of pertinent environmental regulations, scientific developments, current standard industry practices, and ensures our field work and report writing are technically competent. He is licensed in multiple asbestos disciplines. Larry has expertise in the Massachusetts Contingency Plan and hazardous materials management, having worked as an Environmental Analyst with the MassDEP Bureau of Waste Site Cleanup. He has a B.Sc. degree in Environmental Science from the University of Massachusetts at Amherst.

Curtis Willis

Curtis H. Willis, CIH, MPH, is a Certified Industrial Hygienist. He has extensive experience in hazard communication, respiratory protection, radiation, asbestos, and hazardous waste and emergency response. Curt is a full member of the American Industrial Hygiene Association, and a past officer of the Western Massachusetts American Industrial Hygiene Association. He has a Master’s Degree in Public Health from UMass Amherst, and a B.Sc. in Chemistry from Western New England College.

Allen Wyman

Allen G. Wyman, LSP, is a Licensed Site Professional (LSP) in Massachusetts. He has over 20 years of experience in the environmental field, working in research, and later in the private sector as a consultant. He has a unique technical and procedural expertise that assists responsible parties and other LSPs in potential litigation with MassDEP and the LSP Board. Al is a graduate of the University of New Hampshire, where he obtained a B.S. in Hydrology.