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Stachybotrys (stack-ee-BOT-ris) is a fungal mold that produces potent poisons, has been implicated in acute pulmonary hemorrhage in infants, and exacerbates chronic asthma.

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Mold Facts

Living Conditions for Mold

       Indoor molds usually originate from outdoor sources (soil, plants. & decaying matter)

       Molds thrive in dark, moist environments

       Molds grow on the surface of objects, within pores, and in deteriorated materials

Typical Mold Habitats

       Outside buildings

       In attics and below grade spaces

       Within wall cavities

       In HVAC systems

Conditions Necessary for Mold Growth

       Temperature range above 40T and below 100 F

       Mold spores

       Nutrient base (most surfaces contain nutrients)

       Moisture (water or high humidity)