Moisture/Mold Inspection

Stachybotrys (stack-ee-BOT-ris) is one of the many types of fungal molds that can cost your project millions of dollars in insurance claims, legal fees, remediation/replacement costs, and project delays.

Does your construction project have a mold problem? Do you know?


Factors that contribute to the growth of mold getting established in a building prior to completion:

   Misguided “value-engineering” measures that remove quality components resistant to water damage or mold-growth, and omit redundant waterproofing details or flashing components needed to protect vulnerable building components.

   Reduced technical supervision of work by general contrators, increasing segregation of trades, and lack of coordination between trades.

   Apathy or lack of knowledge among some contractors and trades regarding how to sequence work to protect vulnerable components, and how to construct buildings in an orderly and weather-tight manner.

   Delays in construction due to disputes, litigation, and contractor default, or non­performance that leave moisture-susceptible components exposed to the environment for extended peroids of time.

   The use of building components vulnerable to water damage and capable of sustaining mold growth has become popular over the past few decades.